DENVER— State lawmakers killed a plan Wednesday morning to permanently eliminate Daylight Saving Time in Colorado, but supporters plan to come back with a reworked proposal.

HB 1118 would have placed Colorado on Mountain Standard Time all year long.

The bill had sponsors from both major political parties, who asked the House agriculture committee to kill the bill in its first hearing Wednesday, saying they hope to re-introduce a bill to put Colorado on Mountain Daylight Time (or Central Standard Time) all year instead.

Reps. Phil Covarrubias (R-Brighton) and Rep. Dan Pabon (D-Denver) say the effort started as a way to avoid changing clocks twice a year, but they’ve heard from many voters who wanted light to last until after the workday year-round.

Among those lining up to oppose the move are representatives of the shipping industry and ski resorts.

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Ski resorts complain they’d have to open an hour later under the plan because they need daylight before opening to inspect lifts and position workers on the mountain.

Shippers argue that it would pose a logistical headache to their schedules if Colorado stays the same time all year while most neighboring states switch twice a year to and from Daylight Saving Time.

Late bills require the permission of leadership to introduce, so there’s no guarantee the debate will pop up again before the 2018 session.