When it comes to Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast, the three authors of this article were the original target audience. As children of the late 80s and early 90s, every song and every scene is practically engrained into us.

And we have to admit, there are some impossibly high standards our young minds set when watching the 1991 cartoon.

Here are some thoughts we had while watching the live-action remake starring Emma Watson ...more than twenty years later.

1. The live-action beast is hot. Even hotter than the prince he eventually transforms back into. That's weird to say, we know, but our now-adult brains really appreciated the beast's upper body workout regimen.

2. Chip is better as a cartoon. His charm, curiosity and overall cuteness just can't be matched as a real teacup.

3. That said, the "Be Our Guest" sequence in the live-action film was spectacular.

4. As a kid, I found myself always wanting to relate to a character, or to see people on screen who looked like me. For the younger generation watching the live-action film, I appreciate the diversity in cast. Thank you.

5. I had a harder time relating when Belle sang "I want much more than this provincial life" in the opening scenes. Quaint French countryside translates much better on the big screen in HD than in a cartoon 30 years ago. From where I was watching the film, that provincial life looked pretty relaxing!

6. No matter who LeFou chooses to love, I loved him. He was sassy, good-hearted, and IMHO, even better than the cartoon version of Gaston's sidekick. Sure, he's the jerk's best friend, but he's got a better heart and a better sense of humor, too!

7. The internal struggle over Gaston was real. Why must Luke Evans be so good-looking in real life? I struggled with a tiny crush on the egotistical character for about the first 30 minutes of the film, then I began to remember his character and he bothered me just like 1991 cartoon Gaston back in the day.

8. This movie had A LOT to live up to. And the whole beast-man-thing with live-action could have gotten real weird. But, it didn't! Impressive.

9. Can you ever compete with Angela Lansbury? Definitely not, but the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” has a pretty impressive amount of star power – and you don’t even realize it until the credits.

You’ve heard about Emma Watson and Josh Gad, but did you know Ewan McGregor plays Lumiere? Or that Ian McKellan (yes, Gandalf himself!) plays Cogsworth? And let’s not forget Audra McDonald as Madame Garderobe and Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts.

Also, ultimate celebrity hot dad Stanley Tucci is in it.