Whenever a movie depicts an unexpected alien visit, the outcome is usually not in humanity's favor. But do why do we perceive any contact from a higher form to be one of violence? Is it because humans treat each other that way - when they can't understand their similarities and only see differences?

Arrival explores those topics in the form of language. The film, starring Amy Adams, is a realistic portrayal of how world powers react to the arrival of 12 unknown vessels.

Why have they landed? What are their intentions? These questions can only be answered once a common form of communication is established. Cue Expert linguist Louise Banks (Adams), who is brought in by the US government to find a way.

Banks must find some common ground with Earth's visitors before mankind launches itself into a global war.

Arrival is as visually-stunning as it is emotional. Fans of Interstellar will appreciate its carefully-crafted sci-fi mixed with the power of human relationships.

Critics might find the plot twist filled with some holes and, at-times, an overbearing melancholy tone. But when you're trying to depict the unknown, Arrival will leave you thinking of what it means to really know language.