Here’s the thing about Bill Murray: he’s virtually impossible to get a hold of if you want to cast him in a movie, but if you’ve got a wedding, White House press briefing or some other random event going on, there’s a chance he’ll pop up, offer some folksy advice and just be a treasure in general.

You don’t need an article on to tell you how awesome he is, but real talk: Bill Murray is awesome.

And he was in town Thursday night for his college reunion. Murray went to Regis University in the late 1960s and actually studied pre-med before pursuing his comedic dreams instead (and, if you’ve seen “Ghostbusters” or “Caddyshack” you’re probably thanking your lucky stars he’s not a doctor …).

There are a few pictures of Murray in Denver floating around the internet. We talked to Brittany Rowell, who had just gotten into Denver Thursday night. She’s on a girl’s trip to Banff and Glacier National Parks, and after a 15-hour drive to the Mile High City, decided she needed a drink.

And that’s how she found herself at Jackson’s Denver in LoDo. What happened next is history.

She says she didn’t go looking for Bill Murray. Like many good things in life, he found her. And was gracious enough to pose for a group photo -- because he's a great guy.

<p>Bill Murray took a break to pose for photos with fans at Jackson's in Denver because he's a great dude. </p>

Look at that shirt. And more importantly, look at that nametag. Other than the fact he is very clearly Bill Murray, the nametag pretty much seals the deal. Also, how can you not love that he, like everyone who has to attend an awkward event, was not immune from donning a sticky white nametag!

Even Bill Murray has to wear nametags to his college reunion.&nbsp;

Brittany also got to take a selfie with this American icon. Pro-tip: This better be your profile pic for life, Brittany!

Brittany Rowell is visiting from Arkansas and took what many would consider a profile pic for life.&nbsp;

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We asked you to share your Bill Murray sightings and, because 9NEWS viewers are (to quote Chris Traeger) LITERALLY the best, we got one.

Here's Bill Murray in Pine, Colorado courtesy Brian Murray. What a time to be alive, folks.

&quot;I found Bill Murray and his brothers in Pine, Colorado. Nicest group of guys ever,&quot; viewer Brian Murray writes.&nbsp;


We have received another photo of Bill Murray in the wild. This one was taken by Ann Grooms Vigil. She ran into Bill at a golf course in Denver.


Bill Murray at Willis Case golf course in Denver, courtesy NEXT viewer Karen Gallo.&nbsp;