This election year calls for some levity.

Two comedians, one of them from here in Colorado, are trying to give us all a reason to laugh.

Davram Steifler and Jason Selvig, comedy duo - The Good Liars, hit dozens of campaign stops over the past nine months as fictional characters John Nelson and Dan Stiever - two undecided voters trying to determine who they plan to support in the presidential election.

The pair tells 9NEWS the idea came to them at the start of the election.

"We've always done comedy in the real world and at the beginning of this election we knew it was going to be crazy and we wanted to leave our mark on it," Selvig said.

"We shot a couple of sketches at different rallies that went really well and then ended up realizing this could be a really big project," Stiefler added.

Stiefler is a Grand Junction native and Selvig grew up in West Palm beach, Florida. Their hometowns loosely influenced the characters they created.

"We kind of took things from ourselves, from people we know, where we grew up, and we tried to make this alternate reality that we could stay in them," said Stiefler.

While the film is sure to get a lot of laughs, if its trailer is any proof.

"The first day of shooting was literally shooting a gun at the gun range with Rick Santorum. It was a really surreal experience because I'd never fired a gun before in my life and Rick Santorum is loading a pistol for me and handing it to me," Selvig said. "I was thinking don't back fire this gun, don't drop this, don't kill a presidential candidate right now."

There was still a lot learned in the process.

"The population of undecided voters is such an important piece in this election - some people find that so hard to believe that they can be undecided right now, but we got to explore that in this film you know," said Stiefler. "Go to every candidate with our characters and decide whether or not they'd want to support this person."

"I would say, I've definitely had an eye-opening experience as far as meeting all the supporters, all the candidates, and feeling open minded and ultimately, not changing my mind too much, but feeling like I have a lot more information now," Stiefler went on to say.

"A lot of people are saying they're happy just to have a way to laugh at this because every day there is a new news story that's crazier than the last and this movie is a way for the people to look at the whole process that we've gone through in the 2016 election and like have fun with it, said Selvig. "Democrats, Republicans, they are not all that different. Democrats, Republicans - We have a lot more in common than the media, sorry, would like us to believe," he added.

You can watch their film "Undecided: The Movie" on Netflix or iTunes.