When we think of home, an emotional connection comes to mind. A connection that jazz pianist Purnell Steen enjoys.

“It’s just been a wonderful journey and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it,” said Steen

Steen calls Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge home, a place where he and his band, Purnell Steen and LeJazz Machine, connect through their passion.

“We’ve been entertaining the public and bringing joy into people’s lives here,” said Steen.

His band has been playing for their fans for about 7 years at the Friday Jazz Brunch, in a place that’s been around since the late 1990’s. Dazzle hosts acclaimed musicians who live in our own backyard, making the lounge a success.

“It’s the people,” said Denver jazz legend Charles Burrell, “they’re so receptive and they make you feel at home.”

A success that Dazzle General Manager Matthew Ruff says wouldn’t be possible without great musicians.

“We have such a great pool of musicians here locally, that are internationally known and travel all around the world, but call Denver and Boulder home.”

But now Dazzle is changing locations to the historic Baur’s Building at 1512 Curtis St. A location with three stages and an acoustic room where they are looking for a place to stretch and grow.

“We’ve reached the peak of what we can do here,” said Ruff, “our jazz room seats about 100 people, over there we will be able to seat close to 200 people.”

And this Friday might be the last Friday Jazz Brunch the restaurant will host now with businesses as their new upstairs neighbors.

“We don’t know what the future holds at the new Dazzle location,” said Steen.

“They might not have the luncheon on Friday anymore because of the sound so we will see what goes on,” said Burrell.

An issue they will face with hopes of keeping the same feel.

Huff said, “Change is good in a lot of ways but challenging for people and moving this space we knew we were going to change and evolve a little bit.”

“It’s a bittersweet day for me because there have been so many monumental occasions here on this very stage,” said Steen.

A change with a few hurdles but filled with memories of home.

“Every step of the way has been a delight,” said Steen.

Dazzle will be closing their doors at 930 Lincoln St. on Sunday, they will re-open at the new location on June 1.