When Bon Jovi comes to the Pepsi Center April 14, he'll bring a Fort Collins band to open the show.

The Patti Fiasco started as a Larimer, Wyoming duet between front-woman Alysia Kraft and guitarist Dee Tyler. They added a dobro player, bassist, and drummer, then moved to Northern Colorado almost a decade ago.

They've played in front of big crowds before, but nothing like the 20,000 that could fill the Pepsi Center.

"I have no idea what it's going to be like in the Pepsi Center; that's an awful lot of people. That's a lot of space," said Tyler.

The Patti Fiasco won a contest Bon Jovi held in each city of his tour, looking for local talent to open for him.

"To be perfectly honest, my mom heard about the contest, and nagged me for maybe two weeks to enter before I was finally like 'alright, we'll give it a try,'" Kraft said.

Ansel Foxley plays a sort-of slide guitar called a dobro for the band. He says the outpouring of support from their fans helped them win the contest.

"They really got behind us and got excited about it and I think that's a major reason why we won," Foxley said.

As their big show draws closer, emotions run the gambit in the band.

"I freak out, I picture myself watching myself on stage like 'what do I look like on stage? What am I wearing? Like, is this cool?' Oh my god," said drummer Peter Knudson.

Bassist Niles Mischke put it a little more succinctly:

"I just hope I don't screw up," he said.

As for Kraft? She can't wait.

"This is such a sweet opportunity for us and we're just ready to rock basically," she said.

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