People always say "necessity the mother of invention." I also think it can be the mother of "reinvention."

My necessity: find a dress to wear to a big weekend gala that I was emceeing without spending any money.

My reinvention? A 20-year-old prom dress that I thought deserved a second chance.

To be honest, when my mom and I bought the dress, it was considered quite boring by 1996 prom standards. No sequins. No split. No shoulder pads. But something about it spoke to me. Perhaps--in the window of the store-- the dress was whispering to me: "You'll keep me forever… forever."

I was so happy when I wore it to prom, complete with red strappy high-heeled sandals (patent leather, thank you very much) and a glittery red handbag.

TaRhonda Thomas rocked her prom dress for an event on Saturday. 

Needless to say, the accessories had to change this time around.

Adding a pair of updated shoes and a small clutch gave the dress new life. So did ditching the huge rhinestone earrings in favor of something more understated.

I also have to admit, my hair had a lot less gel in it this time around.

When I finally looked in the mirror at the "finished product," I felt amazing. Not because the dress still fit me, a mom of three (which, if you're wondering, it was a size medium. Don't even get me started on fashion companies "vanity sizing" clothes nowadays).

I felt great because it made me think about how hard the girl who originally wore that dress worked to become the woman who wore it this weekend.

Here's to wishing that all of your vintage prom dress dreams come true.'

TaRhonda Thomas still looks just as amazing in her prom dress as she did 20 years ago!