Fans of Alice in Wonderland can make this subtle homage to the classic using items in the kitchen.

What you'll need:

  • Tea cup
  • Saucer
  • Fork
  • Hot glue
  • Moss
  • Artificial flowers
  • Easter decorations


To create the illusion, the fork acts as the base that holds the whole piece together. To get started, I bent a fork at the neck and center of the handle.

This might take some muscle power and a hard surface to flatten the fork out. Then, I glued the back of the fork to the saucer with a hot glue gun.

Once it dried it was time to attach the tea cup. I'll admit, it took a couple tries to get it to balance correctly.

The hot glue will look messy at first, but remember, it will all be covered up in the end.

Next, I added in the moss using peel and stick moss for the base but any kind will work.

The moss should cover the base, the handle of the fork and the inside of the teacup for the illusion to work. With all the moss in place, I added in flowers and Easter decorations.

The decorations should go all around over the back and sides of the centerpiece. When you're done, let it dry for a day. This project works for just about any holiday, it's also great for anyone trying to save money on wedding centerpiece.