Did Mother's Day sneak up on you? We have some last-minute gift ideas you can make in under an hour.

Hanging Frame Poster

What you need:

  • Poster
  • Balsa Dowels
  • Waxed Thread
  • Glue
  • Knife

A hanging map retails for $100 online but you can make one for less than $25.

To start, find a poster of your choice. I found a map of the world for $5 at a museum gift shop.

Then I went to the craft store and bought square dowels made of balsa wood. The balsa wood is lightweight and easy to cut with a box cutter or knife.

At home, I cut it down to size then painted it a darker color.

After the paint dried, I glued some wax thread to one of the dowels. For a vintage effect, I wrapped the thread around the dowel a few times.

On a clean surface, I laid out the map and glued to dowels to the bottom and the top using a hot glue gun.

Then it was time to hang it up! This project can be done with almost any type of poster.

Agate Slice Coasters

What you need:

  • Agate slices
  • Stone sealer
  • Liquid leaf gold paint

For this project you will need agate slices. They can be found in museum shops, gem and rock shops or online.

You can seal the slices with a stone sealer to start. Then paint each edge with a leafing paint.

A leafing paint , which you can find at almost any craft store, creates a metallic finish on the slices.

I used gold but there is also a silver paint too. Once the slices dried, I tied them together with a ribbon.

Agate slices