You can find water color inspirational quotes on stationary, cards and even notebooks. But did you know you can easily make them yourself?

Fair warning, you may be like me and need some practice, but once you figure out how water colors work, this project gets REALLY easy.

Here’s what you need:

  • Water Color paper
  • Water color paint
  • Water color brushes (round and flat)
  • Painter’s tape
  • A cup of water
  • Masking fluid


First up, find a phrase you like, in a font you like and print it out.

Flip that print-out over and tape it to the back of your water color paper.

Using a light box, or your nearest window, take your masking fluid and trace out your phrase onto your water color paper. The fluid does not have to go on thick. A thin layer works just fine! Masking fluid is great, and can be easily found at your local craft store. Once dry, it won’t allow any of the water color paint to get to the paper, keeping your message in tact while you get creative with color! We’ll go over how to get it off in a minute!

Once your masking fluid is dry, take your water color paper and tape it to a solid surface using painter’s tape. This will keep the water color paint from warping your paper too much.

Now, it’s time to paint!

Here’s a water color tip I found really helpful: Before you start to paint, dip a flat brush in clear water and trace out where you want the water color to go. For example, I roughly painted out a cloud shape using plain water. When I applied the color to that water, it stayed within the cloud shape. Plus, the water did all the blending for me. All I had to do was blot color in the area I wanted it.

Another fun technique I tried created blended streaks. Again, I brushed clear water over the area I wanted my paint to go, then I lifted my paper to an angle, dotted the color on, and let the color run down the page. The look was streaky, but also blended together nicely.

*Be careful…Think before you paint… If you don’t want your colors to blend, you must let them dry completely first! Otherwise the whole picture will blend together!*

Let your painting dry completely and then remove the masking fluid.

To do this, use your finger to gently rub the area where the masking fluid is, then peel it off. It’s that simple.

Now sit back and enjoy your work of art!