How great are those quick how-to videos you see on Facebook? I love them as a source for things I want to make or do around the house. They make everything look so easy! But, have you ever questioned exactly how easy those videos are? I did when I saw one that promised what seemed like an easy solution to removing dry paint from clothes. AND I thought I had just the project I wanted to test it out on… check it out.


This is an old, favorite sweatshirt I’ve had since college. I sewed the letters on myself. So you can imagine my horror when I, stupidly, wore it to paint in, and stained it for what I thought was forever. Still, I couldn’t let go of the sweatshirt, and the paint has been on it for at least 10 years.


According to a 20 second DIY video on Facebook, all I needed to fix my mistake was rubbing alcohol, a toothbrush and a sponge. 


To get rid of the paint, I applied the rubbing alcohol, then immediately scrubbed the dry paint with my toothbrush. When I got as much of the paint off as I could, I wiped it off with the dry sponge. Then I repeated, and repeated, and repeated, and repeated, and repeated… you get the idea… the process. 


When I was finished, I was pleasantly surprised! Most of the old paint came completely off the old sweatshirt!  On the downside.. the entire process took about 2 hours to complete. It was simple, but it wasn’t quick.  And while a lot of the paint came completely off, I was only able to remove about 90% of the toughest paint stains… And since the fabric was cotton, the brushing from the toothbrush caused my sweatshirt to pill. 


Would I try this again? Definitely! But I think it would work best on denim, canvas, or even a rug.