Installing shades is a great way to change the look of a room and save energy as well.

First, measure the window well on the inside, both width and height.
Take those measurements to your home improvement store, pick out your shades and have the staff at the store cut them. There is no additional charge to cut your shades when you buy them.

When you get home, open up the shade box. Inside, there is hardware. The hardware should have everything you need to mount the shades, minus the drywall anchors if you plan to mount directly into the drywall with no studs.

Also take out the instructions and read them.

Next , take the shades and make sure they fit properly in the window well.

I had old mounts left in the top of the window well. I used a drill to remove them.

Lay out your hardware and figure out what you need.

I will be mounting my shade on the inside of the window well so I will use the hardware needed for that.
Measure about four inches from the left side and mark where you will put your first mounting bracket. I then measures about 3/4 of an inch from the window.

Do the same on the right side. About four inches from the right side, and three quarters of an inch from the window. I am putting my third mount in the middle of the window. So I measured and marked it and marked in the middle, then placed my final mark 3/4 of an inch from the window.

Now it's time to screw in the brackets. Because it's in the stud, I will drill directly into the drywall. I placed my bracket hole right over my first mark on the left side and pre- drilled a screw to set a mark.

Next I drill it directly into the bracket.

I drilled a second screw into the second bracket hole for extra support.

Do the exact same thing for the other two mount brackets.

Now, it's as easy as snapping in the shade in the brackets.

You have your new shade ready to go.