If you've ever had a puppy, you know they can leave lots of messes on your carpet. I wanted to look for a natural way to clean my carpets.

Here are three popular natural pet carpet cleaners found online.

  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • Club soda
  • Baking soda and peroxide


Baking soda and vinegar is supposed to work on wet or dry urine stains

  • First, pour equal parts of vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle.
  • Add one to two tablespoons into the bottle. It will foam up and spill, so make sure you add the baking soda over a sink.
  • Next, sprinkle baking soda over the stained area. Spread it out.
  • Now, take the vinegar/water mixture and spray over the baking soda.
  • You will see this start to fizzle.
  • Use a rag or old towel to blot the area.
  • Repeat as necessary.
  • Vacuum the spot when dried

RESULTS: I noticed a slight urine smell, but that mostly went away when dried.


Articles say club soda is good for fresh wet pet stains.

  • First blot the area, then pour on the club soda.
  • Use a towel to dry the area.

RESULTS: I tried this on dry and wet stains and noticed it brought the urine smell out. It took days before the smell got better, and in my case, I don't think the smell ever went away.


  • Pour peroxide in a bowl, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, and rub in the baking soda.
  • Wet the area with peroxide and use an old towel to absorb the peroxide.

This also brought out the urine smell and it took days for the smell to get better.

VERDICT: For me, the best organic natural homemade remedy was spraying vinegar on baking soda.

Make sure you always pre-test your carpets so these solutions don't ruin your carpets.

For more stubborn stains, make sure you turn to a trusted professional. Contact Home Advisor here