Are you heading to a Halloween party and need a fun host/hostess gift to bring? Or maybe you have some old wine bottles laying around and need a few more Halloween decorations for your home. If this sounds familiar, then we have a quick, easy and fun project for you! These spooky wine bottles are sure to be a hit!

Here’s what you need:

Wine bottles (empty or full)

Googly eyes



Self-sticking bandage tape

Paint pens

Chalk pens


Bottle 1: Monster wine

1. Remove all of the labels from the bottle and clean off the glue. Then take different sizes of googly eyes and put them on in pairs! It’s easier if your googly eyes work like stickers. I used glue for a couple of mine, and had to keep checking them to make sure they weren’t slipping down the bottle.

2. Finish it off with a Halloween ribbon, and it’s ready for that upcoming party!

Bottle 2: Mummy’s wine!

1. (This takes the least amount of time!) Remove one of the wine labels.

2. Grab some bandage tape that sticks to itself so it will hold in place. Wrap it around the bottle like you would a mummy … leaving spaces for a mouth and eyes!

3. Apply googly eyes.

Bottle 3: Ghost wine

1. Remove one of the wine labels.

2. Grabbed a paint pen and write the phrase “Bottle of Boos" in the center of the bottle.

3. Take a chalk pen and draw a few ghosts in different sizes.

4. Once the chalk dries, use your finger nail to scrape off paint where the eyes and mouth go.


If you're doing this with empty bottles, fill the bottle with battery powered Christmas lights. The trio makes for such a fun, Halloween decoration! And I can’t wait for Halloween so I can give them to the hosts as gifts!