I wanted to make a fairy garden. More importantly, my daughter wanted me to make a fairy garden.

So, we headed to our nearby craft store. Not only did we find fairy garden figurines, but we found a lot of other themes as well. A camping theme, a seashore theme. There is so much more you can do these days than just a simple fairy garden.

So we decided to turn to garden expert and host of YouTube's Thifty Chic Home Brandon Coppin to show us how to prepare the pefect terrarium.

First, Brandon says line the bottom of your glass terrarium with aluminum foil.

Next, lay down some pebbles or rocks. Fish rocks will do. Then add soil. You can use sand for decoration.

Take your plant out of the pot and break up the soil down to the roots.

Plant the plants in the soil.

Next, you can add bark, pebbles and figurines to decorate your garden the way you'd like.

Keep the terrarium in a light area, but not directly in the sun.

Spray the plants once or twice a week.


Glass terrarium
Aluminum Foil
Gravel, rocks or sand
Potting soil meant for terrariums
Plants meant for terrariums
Figurines or other themed items

Brandon's Thrifty Chic Home YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1ItTLf1

Fix This Youtube Channel: http://bit.ly/2g3DsuK