Here's a great solution for that cat litter box problem, a litter box cabinet.

They can cost you well over $100 dollars. We were given a challenge for the Denver Home show to create something from the Restore. It will be auctioned of to benefit the Restore, which benefits Habitat for Humanity.

Cat litter box cabinet:

I found an end table which was listed at the restore for about $55 bucks. To start, I unscrew and remove the back panel.

Next, I took out all of the drawers. Unscrewing and removing every screw that held the drawers in place.

I took out all of the inner hardware and removed everything that holds the drawer together. Next, I took off the face of the drawer. I will attach this back onto the cabinet when we are done.

I completely removed the drawers and all of the hardware attached. Once everything was out, this is what this look like. I then took the cabinet and turned it on the side.

I put the side up that I wanted to cut the hole in. I measured a few inches up. I made sure it was higher than the cat litter box. I measured the width of the cabinet and marked a square that was 7 inches wide and 7 inches tall.

I used a sharpie and a ruler to mark my square. Next, I drilled two holes in the middle of the square and took my jigsaw and worked out to the follow the lines around.

Once I reached the corners, I curved around to follow the next straight line.

I followed those lines all the way around. When the entire hole was cut out., I went straight on the jigsaw to even out the corners. Once the square is set, I used a stain with polyurethane to fill in the color.

With a bristle brush, I dabbed off the excess stain and filled in any area that was exposed.

I then painted in the inside of the cabinet so you see the same color inside through the hole. It also put a layer of protection inside the cabinet.

Once dried, you can leave the square alone but I wanted to make it look really nice and cover any flaws still showing outside of the square.

I cut 4 pieces of wood trim, each cut less than 7 inches. I also bought 4 wood corner rosette squares
I painted each the same color as the cabinet. Once dried, I used at gorilla glue to secure it to the cabinet.

For the back, I bought black felt, cut out the square to match the same size and used tacks or a staple gun to secure it to the top.

I reattached the drawer faces on the front.

Now, you have place to put your cat litter box that looks amazing, and you can change it out in the back.