The Kentucky Derby is a time to show off your creativity. Whether you are going to the actual race or just having a party in your city, it's always fun to dress up. If you want to stay away for the standard sun hat for the Kentucky Derby this year, this project is for you.

What you need to get started:

  • Fascinator
  • Artificial butterflies
  • Hot glue gun


On Amazon, I was able to find fascinators for under $20. At the craft store, I bought a few packets of artificial butterflies. The smaller packs are less than $3, the larger ones are $8 - but weekly coupons off up to 40 percent off on items.

The butterflies are usually found in the garden section. I chose the ones with mounting wires to help add dimension to the final look.

At home, I plugged in the hot glue gun and started adding in the smaller butterflies.

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I added them all around the fascinator some with the wires. For others, I pulled the wire out before gluing on the piece.

It's important to take small breaks and try on the fascinator. This helps you see where butterflies need to be added or moved around.

Add in the final touches and let it dry for half a day before wearing.

Looking for something a little smaller? This also works with smaller, clip-in fascinators.I added in an artificial flower to the piece to help it stand out more, before adding in the butterflies.