Do-it-yourself slime recipes are turning kids into entrepreneurs, selling their creations online. But it's also wiping out supplies of Elmer's glue.

We couldn't find any in stores. But we did figure out another place to look if the school glue shelves are bare.

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In the glitter aisle of most craft stores, you can find glue in different colors and consistencies.

That's where we found the inspiration to for our galaxy slime DIY.


  • Black and white glitter glue
  • Borax
  • Water
  • Glitter sample packets


Mix black glitter glue with equal parts borax. Add a dash of water and start stirring.

Keep stirring until you feel it thicken. Add some extra Borax in if needed.

Drain the water and remove the slime. Mold it together with your hands til it's the right consistency.

Then store it in a plastic bag.

Then do the same with the white glitter glue.

To add variety, mix sample packets of glitter to mix in with the glitter glue.

Once you have all your colors, goop them together and have fun with it. Slime last longer when it's refrigerated, so store it in a bag in between uses.