If you’re looking for a few recipes for your upcoming Thanksgiving feast, you already know the process is overwhelming. There are so many options, especially if you’ve searched on Pinterest. So we decided, why not do the legwork for you! We’re taking some of the most pinned recipes, and some of your own favorites and putting them to the test! Today, we’re trying out rosemary dinner rolls!

When I look for a recipe on Pinterest to try I'm looking for two things. One: Does this sound delicious? And two: How many other people think this sounds delicious? I figure the recipe has to be good if a lot of other people have interest in it too.

The rosemary dinner rolls I found were exactly that. They looked delicious and had more than 100,000 pins. They also didn't seem that difficult to make.

Since I'm not a professional baker, and don't tend to bake often, they turned out to be a little more difficult than I thought. Making sure the dough was the right consistency was the hardest part. Everything else was simple, and they only took me about 2 and a half hours to make.

Now to the taste test.

One thing you should know about newsrooms is that if you put out free food, most people will flock to try it. So, as everyone came around for free food, they took a roll, tried it and filled out a survey. They rated the rolls on a scale of 1 to 5. One being, "I’d rather eat cardboard", and 5 being "OMG… this is all I”m eating for Thanksgiving!" After, I tallied the results and came up with an average.

The results varied, but rosemary dinner rolls ended up scoring a 3.7! So, I’m going to call that a win! Full disclosure, I brought these rolls to the newsroom having made the the night before. So, they were cold. The recipe did say to serve them warm, and a lot of the comments were from people saying they would probably be better warm. So if rosemary is for you, and you want to try this recipe out… go for it!

Want to check out what everyone said? Keep reading! Happy baking!

Tester 1:


"Not a big fan of rosemary."

Tester 2:


"Love rosemary but not these."

Tester 3:


"Tastes good, more of a fan of the traditional taste of rolls."

Tester 4:


"Cold and dry."

Tester 5:


"A little doughy, but yummy."

Tester 6:


"I love carbs/bread!!!"

Tester 7:


"Great holiday tasting food."

Tester 8:


"Rosemary for the win."

Tester 9:


"I like the rosemary!"

Tester 10:


"RAD. But better warm, I'm sure."

Tester 11:


"Great flavor and not too overpowering."

Tester 12:


"Delicious would be better warm."

Tester 13:


"Gravy would be great!"

Tester 14:


"Love the flavor, not a fan of the texture."

Tester 15:


"I love all the carbs! :)"

Tester 16:


"Only because I have to leave room for turkey."

Tester 17:


"I'm in carb heaven!"

Tester 18:


"I like rolls a little moister, but different flavor. I like."