At the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, you can find discounted furniture, appliances and building materials.The proceeds benefit habitat's mission to build homes. Fix This teamed up with the store to do an "upcycle challenge". Each host picked out a piece of furniture to either redo or makeover.

I chose to transform an old end table I found at the restore using paint and contact paper.

At home I removed the table top from the base to make it easier to work with. I sanded down the table to smooth out and chips and worn out edges with a sanding sponge. This was a simple layer to buff away, but for any heavy duty sanding wear goggles and gloves.

The wooden veneer on the table top was damaged beyond repair. To create a smooth surface, I removed it entirely.

I had originally planned to paint the table white but once I started it did not look right. I stopped right away and tried out a darker color.

Gray chalk spray paint still gave the table a sleek and modern feel. It also brought out the details in the wood.

Once the table was done drying, I measured out some marble contact paper. This paper is available online for less than $20 and is east to use. I trace the paper - giving myself a little room on the edges. After cutting it out, I carefully lined up the paper to the table top. I peeled off half of the sticky side before slowly removing the rest.

I used a credit card to remove any air bubbles and then trimmed the edges. I reattached the table top to the base and glued it in place.

This project is perfect for the weekends and can be done in half a day.