The Most Colorado Thing We Saw Today is a guy from Littleton, who has blown past quick day hikes and hopped right over 14ers.

Quoc Nguyen has hiked about 12,000 miles in the last two years. He's hiked the Colorado Trail, the Te Aroroa Trail in New Zealand, the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, the Great Divide Trail and the Pacific Northwest Trail.

Nguyen’s burned through 17 pairs of trail running shoes since 2014, and he's only slept on a bed for about five days in the past six months. He lives out of his tent during his hikes.

So our No. 1 question? What does this guy eat?

“Five-thousand to 6,000 calories per day,” he said, adding sometimes his snack is a half-bag of potato chips. “I got hooked on this lifestyle, walking every day, just living outside, living with only your pack on your back.”

Nguyen stores stuff at his parents' house and picks up odd jobs in between hikes.

He's home right now in Littleton, resting, and he’s not too sure where his next hike will be. He has his eyes on some trails in Europe.

Check out his website where he documents all of his miles.