Do you have plans this weekend? We're hoping they don't have anything to do with politics. Nothing.

We hope it so much that Next even came up with a nine ideas for you:

1. Offer to rake leaves for a neighbor.

But then pile the leaves in front of their political yard sign.

2. Play Next License Plate Bingo.

Every square is a Q. First person to spot 25 Qs wins.

3. Take the last three nasty emails you've received and read them out loud.

We prefer that you do it in public. Trust me. It's a riot.

4. Go on a hike.

Bring a trash bag. Enjoy our beautiful state and make it more so. Guarantee it will make you feel great.

5. Jump aboard the A-Line.

Ride it down to Union Station, a gem of our community. And if you're not worried about getting there on time, the A-Line is great.

6. Hit a Denver brewery.

Sit on the patio. Point your face to the sky like a sunflower. No one will think you're weird. Promise.

7. Better yet - do the same thing - only at a brewery in the suburbs.

And bring your dog.

Note: Either brewery adventure can be accomplished with a child in tow, but Next does not condone or condemn children at breweries. Here's proof:

A case for keeping kids out of breweries

Rebuttal: Let the kids in

8. Go for a drive.

And don't come home until you see a sign that makes you smile. Then send it to us hashtag #HeyNext.

9. Visit the 16th Street Mall....

No. Just kidding. Be safe, everybody.

And enjoy your weekend!