Jon and Amy Webb started looking to become adoptive parents years ago, when they were struggling to expand their family.

"It was just three of us at one point, and we wanted to have a larger family. We tried for many years to have a child and we were unsuccessful for many years," Jon says, sitting next to Amy and the two biological children and three adopted children they now have.

Amy had long considered adoption, but the Webbs never thought of becoming foster parents. When social services called in 2013, seeking a long-term placement for a young girl, the Webbs agreed.

They didn't know then that it would work out for the best. She officially became theirs last month, and Thursday, at Denver County's National Adoption Day event, the same happened for two other foster children in their care.

Of the 132 children adopted in Colorado this month, 47 of them in Denver County found homes. The point of National Adoption Day is to raise awareness of the 100,000 kids in foster homes, who are available for adoption in this country. More than 600 children have been adopted in Denver on National Adoption Day, over the last 12 years.

Fostering and adopting was a learning experience for Jon and Amy, and for the children in their care.

"It's hard for the kids," Amy says. "For them to go back and fort to see their biological parents, and then come back with us. It took a while for them to get used to that. And then when termination (of parental rights) came, that didn't help, so just being there for them, and helping them understand, being supportive - it definitely was hard at some points."

Now, as their family is complete, they make an effort to celebrate each other every day. It's all a feeling that Jon can hardly describe.

"I never in my entire life have ever experienced something like the gift of giving to somebody (a home)," he said.

National Adoption Day officially falls on Nov. 19. Several other adoption events are scheduled across the state this month. There are 283 children in foster care available for adoption in Colorado.