We wanted to make a recommendation tonight – to offer you some perspective.

Photographers and journalists rush to the scene when bad things happens. Shootings. Car crashes. House fires. You name it.

A few photographers from the Associated Press rushed to the scene of the terror attacks that unfolded in Paris in Nov. of 2015. 130 people were killed. In a concert hall. At a restaurant. Near a stadium.

Those photographers witnessed the worst of humanity. And this week, they returned to that same city. Paris. One year later.

So, we wanted to share the link, so you can see what a difference a year can make. Photographers took photos of the destruction. Of the terror. Of Parisians grieving. Of flowers and the memorials. And this year, they took photos in the exact same places, to show how life has continued on those street corners.

As the article said, “What they found is that while things will never quite be the same, Paris is still Paris.”