Next has been sharing early ballot numbers with you the past few days.

It's all data from the Secretary of State’s Office, which tracks how many people have voted so far in Colorado.

But a lot of you have been asking, why aren't you covering the unaffiliated voter numbers? Just Democrats and Republicans?

We have referenced them in our previous online stories, but not every day on TV.

Colorado's early voting numbers compared to 2014

Reporting ballot numbers isn't media bias

But this is a special shout-out for all you unaffiliated voters in Colorado!

All 143,866 of you that have mailed in their ballots, or dropped them off, so far.

That's about 25 percent of the 572,550 ballots the Colorado Secretary of State's office has tallied. There you have it.

And just for good measure, these are the ballot numbers for each party:

  • ACN: 1,238
  • DEM: 224,914 (39 percent, down from 41 percent Tuesday)
  • GRN: 1,509
  • LBR: 4,866
  • REP: 196,082 (34 percent, up from 33 percent Tuesday)
  • UAF: 143,866
  • UNI: 75

And here's the entire breakdown as of Thursday.