Keep a close eye on your ballots, voters. Especially if you live in Douglas County.

There's a spelling error on there.

Have you seen it already? If not, can you spot it?

Big shout-out to Gregg Trish for finding the error and sending us a picture of his ballot..

And yes, "composite" is spelled incorrectly in the picture. That's an online error only, seen on the sample ballot. But, another error seen on the sample was printed on the real thing.

It's "comissioner." Look at the bottom. The word should be spelled "commissioner," with another M.

The Douglas County Clerk and Recorder's Office says the error went out on all 210,000 ballots there, and a half-dozen people spell-checked the forms.

"It's a shame. Unfortunately it happened, but very fortunately it was not a name. That would have been beyond not good," Merlin Klotz, the county clerk and recorder, told Next. "I know when I approve a ballot, I focus on the names. I wouldn't want my name misspelled."

If a name is spelled incorrectly, it's likely that the office would have to send out all new ballots.

And full disclosure, journalists spell words incorrectly ALL. THE. TIME. We're all people. It happens.