A word about Tuesday night's U.S. Senate debate on 9NEWS, and the impact of protesters outside who slammed themselves against glass windows and doors at History Colorado:

They succeeded.

They succeeded in getting the candidates, the moderators, and the audience to loosen up and enjoy what is often a stressful hour.

Audience members joked.

One candidate told me it took away his nerves in an instant.

And Brandon and I knew we were in for an interesting night.

The protesters also succeeding in ensuring that any media outlet will think twice before doing a debate out the public again.

Which is a shame.

History Colorado provided a beautiful and unique venue.

Did the protesters succeed in what ostensibly was their mission? To move their candidate past 2 percent in the polls, closer to our 10 percent threshold for inclusion in debates, closer to viability?

Not sure.

Voters will be the judge.

If you missed that debate - you can watch it in full here.