The Arizona Republic endorsed a Democrat over a Republican for the first time in its 125 year history in September. Since then, the paper has received death threats, and on Monday the President of Republic Media talked about why they did what they call choosing patriotism over party.

The threats included things like:

“You’re dead. Watch your back.“

“We will burn you down”

“You should be put in front of a fire squad as a traitor.”

Mi-Ai Parrish says the Republic’s editorial board knew it would be a big deal and told 9NEWS that responding to the threats was a good thing:

“I don’t think it’s ever wrong to do the right thing, That’s been our mindset all along, and it is already abundantly clear that it was a good thing.”

Parrish says her newsroom has gotten thousands of messages, and people asking how they can support and help local journalism. She says it’s been a very powerful experience, and she’s heard from other media outlets and journalists, and family and friends all around the world.

She says the journalists in her newsroom have been strong, fearless, resilient, and always professional.

“We’re used to getting grumpy messages, nasty messages, you know, whether we’re doing something like this or not, and so one of the reporters stopped me and said it’s old hat that we get bad messages, I guess we’re used to it, but I guess it’s old hat… it’s just really amazing to hear from people all around the country and all around the world.”

You can read the original endorsement here.

You can read The Republic’s response to threats here.

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