Perhaps the most important civics lesson we could learn... comes from a small room inside of a nursing home.

"I've never really given it a thought. I've always voted and thought that's what I should do. I just go vote every time," says Ina Hansen.

This Tuesday will be the first time many voters cast a ballot, whether they just turned 18, or have just never voted before. This election season isn't the first time Hansen has cast a ballot. Far from it. At 107-years-old, she is the oldest person in Colorado to submit a ballot so far.

This year seemed more difficult than other years.

"I voted. Made a choice. May not be the right one. But it was right for me at the time I voted. And I did not vote a straight ticket. Ordinarily I do."

Like so many other Americans, she was troubled by the choice. "Doesn't seem like our candidates this time are quite like they've been in the past. Maybe I just don't remember."

She does remember voting for FDR vividly, but she can't recall if that was the first time she voted. It may have been for Hoover before Roosevelt. Ronald Regan was her favorite.

This year, neither of the top two names on the ticket were her first choice.

"I voted for the Libertarian. Because I didn't want to vote for any of the others," she says. "I felt like he probably was the most representative of my ideas."

Hey, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. But at a time when so many are considering skipping the chance to vote, Hansen has some advice.

"If you don't express yourself, don't complain."

We're just hoping she's around for the next election to share some other words of wisdom.

"I just live an everyday life. The Lord has decided he doesn't want me yet. I hope that's where I'm going."

Hansen did say politics is getting a lot dirtier than it ever has been, but she has an advantage. If she hears something she doesn't like, she just turns down the volume on her hearing aid.

Hansen was born in February of 1909. Four other voters who were born that year have submitted ballots too.