The candidates running for Colorado's closely-contested 6th Congressional district (this story is brought to you by the Letter C, by the way), will debate Thursday.

Republican Representative Mike Coffman and Democrat Morgan Carroll have clear differences on policy and philosophy, when it comes to the ring of suburbs snuggling Denver on the North, East and South.

Next talked to both candidates this week about immigration, first about policy...


"To me, immigration is about having a comprehensive immigration reform now, with a pathway to citizenship, that is addressing arbitrary and artificial wait periods."


"As long as they haven't violated criminal laws to give them a legalized status that would allow them to work here without deportation.

"Not citizenship but legal status?" -KC

"Legal status."

"Any path to citizenship?" -KC


And is coming to the United States illegally wrong?


"That's an interesting question? Was it wrong when people came over in the potato famine? Was it wrong when people came over in World War I or World War II? The reality is that everybody assumes that their relatives were papered perfectly, but that's often not true."


"Yeah. We're a nation of laws. And they broke our immigration laws. And it's fundamentally wrong."

The Coffman-Carroll debate airs at 7 p.m. on Channel 20. Before, check our their full interviews below: