A little boy in Douglas County dropped something off in a ballot box on Election Day morning.

No, it wasn't a ballot. It was a letter. Addressed to Donald Trump.

"Dear Mr. Donald J. Trump," it reads. "I love in Denver, Colorado, Lone Tree. I just wanted to congratulate you on your campaigning trail. I have a few questions to ask you, if that is okay with you."

The letter continues with a number of questions. The boy asked Trump what his favorite color is, what his favorite food is, what his favorite sport is, and even what his favorite sports team is.

The best question, by far, was saved for the end.

"One last question, do you want to be pen pals? I can understand if you can't if you became the president."

The Douglas County Clerk's office tried to reach out to this boy's family and didn't have any luck. If you know this family, or know who the boy is who wrote this letter, you should let us know. Email Next@9NEWS.com.