We talk here about having important conversations, even if they're uncomfortable.

Iman Jodeh makes those conversations her life's work, connecting Coloradans with the Middle East through lectures and classes.

As the director of Meet the Middle East, she says Colorado has managed to avoid some of the religious and cultural tensions with the Muslim community that other states have seen for two reasons: our Muslim population is relatively small - and Coloradans, Jodeh says, tend to be open minded and interested in learning.

Still, she wants to expand the conversation.

"I wish people would be more apt to pick up the phone and say, 'I would like to come visit the mosque,'" she says.

Her conversation with Kyle Clark is above.

In particular, Jodeh's work focuses on in-person trips to the region. You can find more information about her organization and those excursions on the Meet the Middle East website.