Early mail in ballot returns are in, and it's tempting to get sucked into the numbers of Republicans and Democrats that have voted. But it's more useful to look at year-over-year trends.

Spoiler alert: things look good for Colorado's Democrats this year.

Here are the numbers:

Ballot returns: 10/25/16

You can check out the full rundown of voters here

Turnout is way up from this time in 2014. Of course it is. This is a presidential election year.

The real story is that Republicans, who held a huge advantage in early ballots in 2014, now trail badly.

This time in 2014...

Republican returns led Democratic ballot returns 46 to 31 percent

This year, Democratic returns lead Republican returns 41 to 33 percent, as of Tuesday.

And remember, the early voting expert who joined us last week said it's usually a Republican wave followed by a Democratic comeback.

With Democratic mail ballots coming in strong early in Colorado, they could be in very strong shape.

The most votes have been turned in in Jefferson County - 39,606 of them. Almost 16,000 are Democratic. About 12,500 of the votes are Republican. And 10,700 of them are from unaffiliated voters.