Superstitious CU Boulder fans may be in luck.

The Buffs may have an upper hand this week, if you believe in good omens.

The football team is playing in the Pac 12 championship. You've probably heard that 100 times by now.

But the good news is, the game is in Levi's Stadium, in Santa Clara. It's home of the San Francisco 49ers.

Sound familiar? Maybe it's because someone else just played on that very field? Oh, yes, that would be the Denver Broncos.

Ya know... where they won a little football game? Oh, yes, we mean the Super Bowl.

The Buffs are even sharing the end zone that the Super Bowl 50 Champions used when they were there.

Same stadium. Same end zone. We won't jinx it, but hopefully there's a similar outcome too.

That game is Friday night. Matt Renoux and Aaron Matas are lucky enough to go to the game for 9NEWS.

Time lapse: Colorado painted onto Levi's Stadium field