The guy hasn’t even been president-elect for 48 hours, yet people are taking to the streets protesting Donald Trump’s win Tuesday.

Adrianna Aguilar will be part of a protest Thursday night in Boulder titled “Colorado United Against Trump”.

“We’re not disputing the fact that Donald Trump is our president,” Aguilar said. “We are here for policies that are to come. We’re here to give our voice. We’re here to have this stand in this ground right now.”

Aguilar is a child of immigrants. She is Hispanic and says she wants to stand up for her beliefs.

The spirit of Thursday night’s protest is not to unseat the newly elected president, she says. In fact, she welcomes Trump supporters. She said it is all about sharing opinions.

“If you want to support Trump - if you want to support the moon, if you want to support anything, you are welcome here to do it. We want to hear from you we want to make it a safe space to do it,” she said.

We asked why she's doing this now? Why not wait and see how Trump actually governs?

"Do you leave your dirty dishes in the sink all week or do you clean them now? We're going to clean our dishes."