We're in prime pumpkin picking season, and today, Next learned something we never knew. And probably never thought about.

Denver Water put together a blog post to remind us all not to throw pumpkin guts into the toilet. The inner orange clogs the pipes.

Apparently people actually do this. Denver Water cited a blog written by a New York plumbing company, and another in Florida. Are Denver people doing it? Is this a thing on the East Coast? Are New Yorkers flushing pumpkin guts? Are people carving their pumpkins in a bathroom?

We don't have the answers to those questions. But we do have this cool video Denver Water made, called "Toilet and Steve Carve Pumpkins." As the video suggests, don't fight with your toilet. It's a waste of time and money.

To be fair, Denver Water says you also shouldn't throw them down your garbage disposal. We can understand people who do that a little more than the ones who go to the toilet.

Denver Water put together a list of helpful tips, if you decide your pumpkin guts deserve a more exciting fate than the trash can, which includes chucking them at your arch enemy. Don't blame Next if that goes poorly. Also, that's a joke. Don't do that.

We put together a list too. Pumpkin juice, anyone?