The Denver Democrat trying to spark a revolt against Donald Trump in the Electoral College has formed a non-profit to raise money in the fight.

Perhaps you remember Michael Baca. He told Next earlier this month that he wants electors to rally around a moderate Republican.

Michael Baca
"I don't think that the majority of the American public would mind if we avoided a Donald Trump presidency," he said then.

The non-profit in Colorado is for the so-called "Hamilton Electors." Baca told Next on Wednesday that the money will fund a public relations effort to convince Republican electors to vote their conscience, and pick another Republican.

He says to expect an announcement soon with the first Republican electors to commit to voting against Trump on December 19. Goes without saying, this is more than a long-shot-chance of overturning the election result.

Colorado electors are legally required to vote for the winner of the state's popular vote. This year, it's Hillary Clinton.