Given the effects Hurricane Matthew has already had on the islands south of Cuba, Nichol Rodriguez of Pueblo is wishing her husband's deployment had ended a month early.

He's a military policeman with an Army correctional unit and he'll likely get the chance to witness the hurricane's strength.

"He's kind of a crazy guy. He says he always wanted to be in a hurricane, but then when this one was hitting he was like, oh, I didn't want to be in a Category 4."

9NEWS meteorologist Becky Ditchfield is tracking the latest models and says the storm could take a slightly different path west or east. Either way, it won't be great for Guantanamo Bay in Southeast Cuba.

"Right now, it looks like it's going to maintain its Category 4 status. Winds might not be as strong. Right now, maximum sustained winds are at about 140 miles per hour,” Ditchfield said. “Those may go down to about 130. But it's still a major hurricane and that's a big problem especially for folks on the eastern side of Cuba."

Nonessential personnel have evacuated, but thousands of military members remain, scrambling to prepare for the worst.

"He said they were pretty much only prepared to handle up to a Category 2 storm," Rodriguez said.

Her husband described a chaotic weekend of attempting to board up windows and prepare bunkers.

"I don't know if they're necessarily set up to withstand a storm but they are set up to withstand war," she said about the bunkers.

A different kind of fight is coming to Guantanamo Bay and all some Colorado families can do-- is watch it play out from back home.

"Once the storm hits they are probably going to lose power. They are probably going to lose all connection. So, I am just pretty darn nervous. Just hoping for the best with him,” Rodriguez said.