People living in Florida are evacuating because of a real threat to the East Coast. Hurricane Matthew is expected to make landfall there by the end of the week.

Jen Miller is one of the people who fled, but she would have done that regardless. She's the South Florida Sales Rep for Left Hand Brewing Company, and she got off a plane at Denver International Airport on Wednesday afternoon.

Miller will be working the Great American Beer Festival this weekend.

“The hurricane we saw was coming, they’re still kind of unsure of where it’s going," she told Next right after she got off the plane. Based on what she's seen, the heart of the storm doesn't appear to be headed to her home in Miami-Dade County.

She boarded her house, then boarded a plane, headed right for the Super Bowl of beer. She posted a photo of her family guarding the windows.

When you are flying out to Colorado tomorrow for #GABF but there is a Hurricane that is maybe coming your way. @lefthandbrewing #hurricanematthew #stormprep #beprepared #southflorida

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“We decided we wanted to board up our house just in case the hurricane came and hit us.”

We suppose drinking beer in Denver is better than drinking beer at home - worrying.

“GABF was really great to offer me refuge from this storm," she said. “If the storm hits it hits. There’s nothing I can do except board up the house and hope for the best, and getting out of town is always a good option. That way I’m not a strain on resources if there is a real emergency.”

Miller's family is getting out of the area too, just incase that thing makes a turn.