Rick Byrd is just a normal guy. He lives in Highlands Ranch with his family.

However, Byrd has something, many would argue, some lack this election season. A sense of humor.

"I originally saw the idea on Facebook a few years ago and thought, you know, I bet I could have one of those things made," Byrd said.

Byrd has a sign in his front yard. But no, it isn't for a political candidate. It's not for a ballot measure. It reads, "Rick Byrd, not running for anything, I just wanted a sign."

"The election, in case nobody has noticed, has been a little contentious," Byrd said. "My mind works in tiny ways ... I thought, you know, we need to inject a little levity into this situation."

Byrd said he, and his neighbors, laugh about his "political" sign.

Next found Byrd after a Next viewer emailed us. She said the sign made her laugh out loud, and she wanted to share it. So, naturally, Next tracked Mr. Byrd down. And the rest is history.

"To me, it was just a great way to put something out there, and to get us talking, in more of a humorous fashion."