It's a Sign! And it’s been there a long time.

Linda Harris sent us a picture of a sign in Snowmass Village. It lists the year the town was established, the elevation, and then the population with a total at the bottom.

The Town of Snowmass Village says the sign has been up since the 60s, even before Snowmass Village was a town. Travis Elliott, the assistant to the town manager, says he likes the sign because it reflects the attitude of Snowmass Village.

“I guess you could call it kind of an inside joke because I think the locals get it, and I guess those that probably visit us for a weekend or whatever, kind of do a double-take and scratch their heads thinking, 'Is this for real?’ and maybe even check our math a little bit…We definitely have a sense of humor here. We’re kind of a casual, laid back community and I think the sign reflects that.”

The sign was actually taken down this past spring when construction crews started working on a new roundabout. Now the city is in the process of working with the local arts advisory board to figure out a new location for it.

The city says the sign is accurate with the 2010 census, but, because the new roundabout is being built where the sign once stood, it will have to be moved. Once it finds a permanent location the elevation may have to be updated because Snowmass Village is on a hill.