Your incredibly generous donations to fight men's cancer during No-Shave November did something to Kyle Clark. He was moved. He was emotional. And he was forced to sport a set of mutton chops.

He made a bet with viewers, and they reached the $10,000 goal for the 9NEWS team. They raised $5,000 in the name of Kyle Clark, alone.

Kyle Clark

We put it to a vote, and between a Ron Burgundy mustache, a Fu Manchu style and the mutton chops, the chops had it!

Kyle was all styled up on Thursday, thanks to the good people at Floyd's on Broadway in Denver. They even took care of Steve's face fur, too.

Despite the humiliation, there is this, from Kyle: "I'd do it again in an instant to raise that kind of money to fight the nasty disease that took my Grandpa Harry, and the people you told me about - your dads, and brothers, and sons. It was a privilege to get in the chair today at Floyd's in Denver... and make this happen."

Check out the shaving process in that video above. And since this was a one-day special appearance, here are some photos to keep re-living the day.