It’s time to look ahead.

Some of you have told us that you don’t know how a person could vote for Donald Trump. You’re not sure who could support Hillary Clinton.

And because of it, we’re having problems talking to each other. We need to have a civil conversation.

Step away from the social media. Let’s just talk.

Next put out the offer to set up these meetings and moderate them. More than a hundred people told us they want to meet and hear out someone else’s opinion.

In our first installment, we met Sherri and Mike.

Sherri Rael lives in Arvada. She voted for Hillary Clinton.

Mike Kyffin lives in Del Norte, Colorado, and he voted for Donald Trump.

They disagree on politics but they agreed to talk. And we found that they ended up agreeing on more than they thought. A portion of their interview is posted above. The full interview is below.

If you’d be open to having an honest conversation, fill out our form and let us know.