When David Davenport sent his question to Next, we didn’t know what to think of it. To be honest, we weren’t even sure if we believed it.

“Dear Next, while walking with a friend in Littleton I noticed some strange toilet paper like substance on the street in the area of Windermere and Mineral. It appears to be on top of the tar used to seal the streets - can you ask what it is? #HeyNext”

Shame on us for poo-pooing this tip. Shame.

The bottom line is, David was right. The City of Littleton really is using toilet paper on its cracks.

Crews put biodegradable toilet paper on new tar to keep it in place, and keep it from sticking to people’s shoes, bicycles, cars and tires. Although, we can already picture a paper trail once the TP sticks to a shoe.

Anyway, let’s flush out some facts:

Number 1: The toilet paper meshes with sealant for now, but it'll break up in just a few days with weather and traffic.
Number 2: It’s cost effective.

CDOT also recommends doing roadwork when the weather is mild in the spring and in the fall, before de-icing starts.

Our apologies, David. You were on a roll.