Jim Cawdrey is 35 down, only 29 more burgers to go.

Not too long ago Cawdrey set out on a mission to eat a cheeseburger in each of Colorado's counties after he saw a marker in Denver that said a Denver restaurateur trademarked the term “cheeseburger” in the 30s.

The most memorable cheeseburger Cawdrey has had so far was a peanut butter and jelly and bacon burger in Georgetown. He also fondly recalls a burger with egg, bacon and donuts he ate in Fort Collins.

By the way, we asked how he stays healthy. The goal is to be a vegetarian for six days of the week to balance out the burgers. That goal hasn't quite been met yet.

You can read much more about his adventures at coloradocheeseburger.com.

And Jim told us these these are Jim's favorite burgers in Colorado... so far.