Two men. Two promises.

President-Elect Donald Trump says he will strip federal funding from cities that ignore immigration law, and he'll deport people in this country illegally.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says Denver is a welcoming, inclusive city that will be safe for people who are here illegally.

Aurora, Denver PDs hold strong on non-enforcement of immigration

So here's the conflict and the question: for people here illegally, who live outside Denver, perhaps in areas where local leaders would welcome deportations, is Mayor Hancock telling them to come to Denver for sanctuary?
We asked him that directly:

"We always encourage people to follow the law... what we're saying is we're not going to needlessly detain people if if there's not a lawful warrant to detain individuals. We're not going to needlessly break up families when it's not necessary. Because, ultimately, that becomes an even greater burden on all of us."

Next also chatted with Metro State political science professor Norman Provizer, who said Trump's threat to pull money from sanctuary cities becomes more of a threat if Congress decides to back it.