Next Question(s): Ballot Edition.

Next voters are taking their votes seriously this year, and we appreciate that. They're also asking a lot of questions about how it works, and we'll keep answering them:

Kathy writes, "I dropped off my ballot early today and didn't date the envelope. Stupid me, will it still count? Keep up the good reporting, your show is the best!"

Oh, Kathy. Flattery will get your question answered first.

Yes, your ballot will still count if you forgot the date, as long as you signed it and your signature matches the one on file.

And Next Question... Mary asks, "Some top Republican Party members will be writing in VP Michael R. Pence on the ballot for president. Does this mean there will be votes for Trump, Clinton, and Pence?

Not in Colorado, Mary. Pence isn't registered here as an official write-in. Votes for him won't count.

And, the Next Question... Kelly Coronel wondered, "Are all the measures that would be voted on in-person also on the ballot by mail?"

Yes, Kelly. Absolutely.

And the Next Question... Jana asks, "I received two ballots in the mail. What should I do?"

The reason you received two ballots could be different in each case. Always contact your county clerk and let the elections division know right away. In a recent case in Jefferson County, one woman registered using her first and last name, and then registered with a middle name. The clerk’s office caught it but after they had mailed both ballots. They had already put a note in the system about not accepting both ballots. If you contact your clerk and don't find the reason why you have two, let Next know.

Tom wanted to know, "What stops people from voting at least twice when they get a ballot in the mail and drop it in the election box, and then can go to a poll to vote?"

The Secretary of State's office has a real-time poll book that's connected to the statewide voter registration database. Once a vote is recorded, it's impossible to vote again. There are two outcomes under the scenario posed:
- If the mail ballot is scanned first, the voter who tries to vote in person will be denied the opportunity.
- If the voter votes in person before the clerk receives the mail ballot, the clerk will reject the mail ballot upon receipt.

Adele asks, "What if you use check marks as opposed to filling in the circles, doesn't that "void" the ballot?"

Short answer is no, not necessarily. Most voting systems would flag it as a potential under-vote, which would require some sort of decision from a bipartisan team of judges.

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