Next question comes from Ken Heise of Highlands Ranch.

Bear with us. It's a long one. Ken's pretty fired up.

Hey 9NEWS, since you have jumped all over the Hillary Clinton bandwagon like a Patriots fan does with Tom Brady, why don't you ask the Clinton campaign this question: when Hurricane Matthew hit the East Coast, why were you only interested in extending the voting registration deadline in Florida, when Matthew also hit North and South Carolina? I bet you won't ask her when she comes to Pueblo today.

I bet we won't either, Ken. Because the premise of your question ignores the voting rules in North and South Carolina.

South Carolina did extend its voter registration deadline after the storm.

And North Carolina allows same-day voter registration until the day before Election Day. So it's not an issue there.

Sometimes outrage gets out in front of the facts. But we're always happy to set the record straight. And Go Broncos!

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