Next Question, from a few of you wondering what's gone up at the intersection of E. 14th and Colorado Boulevard.

To the untrained eye, it looks like someone's drilling for oil in the middle of the city.

Sure looks like it. But it isn't. It's actually a Denver Water project.

They are in the process of testing a potential new method of storing water, in the giant series of aquifers 2,000 feet under our feet.

That series of aquifers is called the Denver Basin, and it stretches all the way from Greeley to Colorado Springs and from Golden to Limon.

The thought is it might be an alternate way to store water as our population grows and our climate changes. Denver Water would pump treated water into the aquifers during wet years and pump it back out during dry times.

But scientists don't know a lot about the rock formations under our city, so they need to study them and make sure this process would work.

Hence the drill in the middle of Denver, and three other sites around the city.